Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tsk tsk

From a WPost article today on interns:
"I think D.C. is the only place to go where everyone is young, and there are so many bars," said Darshan Somashekar, 20, an intern at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "It's so cool. It's so cool!"

You do? Where oh where have you come from, dear child? Mogadishu? Vladivostok? or, gasp, Salt Lake City? Now, I have come to appreciate many aspects of my new home here in Washington, and I've had many new experiences and opportunities that were not available, perhaps, in the somewhat more provincial town of Austin. But the good lord knows that it is not a wild college town, and while it has many charming attributes, it is decidedly not "so cool." Somebody start a fund to get this kid on a whirlwind tour of Austin, Boulder, and Madison.


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