Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The eyes of Atrios are upon you

Poor Brendan Steinhauser. All he wanted to do was send the Daily Texan a right-wing diatribe against constitutional rights for Muslims and denigrate the thoughts of the bright and talented Ms. Laura Isensee in the process! He didn't count on being thrown into the lion's den by Atrios! Normally, I wouldn't wish a horde of Atrios commenters on my worst enemy, but after years of reading ignorant and ill-informed "Firing Line" letters in the Texan, I confess a guilty thrill of delight.

(If you really need me to defend why I believe his letter his simplistic and wrong-headed, I'll do it. I just figure it's self-evident, especially given the specific content of the PATRIOT act he so heartily endorses.)


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