Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Filling the Void

I'm afraid I've been desperately short of thoughts and opinions lately, and this drought has continued into today. So instead of insightful spots on the grammar of Wesley Clark, I'm resorting to short factoids. Sigh.

Item! My roommates spotted Ari Fleischer on their flight from NYC to DC. Portions of his balding pate which so resembles Bert of Bert and Ernie may have been captured on video. This will make a charming conclusion to their Bermuda vacation footage. So my boyfriend has seen Gen. Clark in DC. My roomies have seen Ari Fleischer. My roommate thought he saw Marion Barry on the bus, but then he passed the guy and saw bits of trash in his hair. I'm not sure why this lead him to question his sighting. But I have yet to have a single, viable, celebrity sighting unless you count LBJ's illegitimate child.

Item! Justice was finally served on Capitol Hill when a certain staffer who was a "political hire" (that's what we call people with fake boobs who drink with the boss and wind up with a job) received the ax after 9 solid months of failing to work a complete week due to "sickness" or "headaches" or "needing more time to get ready" or "traffic." With so many friends unable to find jobs, I am gratified that someone taking their post so lightly finally got the boot. However, word has it that her feminine wiles (reminder: fake boobs and strategic placement in Cap. Hill bar) scored her a series of interviews with NRA lobbyists within hours. Said this staffer's former supervisor: "Let them have her if they want her. I can't think of a better group of guys to send her to."

Picks and Pans!
Pick: Raising Victor Vargas will be released on video on August 26. If you missed it in the theater, you absolutely have to rent it. It's scrumtrilescent.
Pan: My shitty oatmeal. It has spent the morning congealing into a menacing lump with flecks 'o cinnamon. Gag.


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