Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I think that this is a fantastic idea.

A coalition of 9/11 organizations that represent victim's families, etc., are pushing for 9/11 to be designated as a national day of service.
"Americans want to pay special tribute on that day, and we cannot think of a better expression than to rekindle and sustain the spirit of generosity, humanity and concern that turned strangers into neighbors and unified our entire nation," said David Paine, president of the coalition, called One Day's Pay.

These groups don't want Sept. 11 to just be another day to go to the beach or have a barbecue. The idea is still a bit un-formed, but you can imagine that hundreds of local volunteer organizations would offer large-scale opportunities for that day. Clean-up efforts, bake-offs, soup kitchens, clothes donations, whatever. As much as I like extra days at the beach, I think I'm not alone in wishing for a more poignant tribute to a wound that is still so raw. And if we can actually continue to help people and improve lives in the process--you know, make it an active and productive day of remembrance, then all the better.

Of course it would be voluntary, you can still have your day at the beach. But us do-gooders could look down our noses at you as we canvassed on medians. Just toss me an ear of corn on your way out.


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