Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It keeps getting better

Joe Scarborough on Fox News tried his best, but he couldn't beat the General. In fact, he more or less had his ass handed to him.

Scarborough thought he had General Clark trapped. "You think the Iraq war was elective and that there wasn't imminent threat?" he asks. General Clark agrees. In order to have a preemptive war, the General continues, you must have a significant, imminent threat, and you must have no alternative outside of force. Scarborough moves in for the kill:

SCARBOROUGH: But, General, under that test, we would have never gone into Kosovo, would we?
CLARK: We would have. In fact, we did everything we could to avoid having to use force in Kosovo.
SCARBOROUGH: But there was an imminent - was there.
CLARK: We had to only, under the imminent threat.
SCARBOROUGH: Hold on, General. Was.
CLARK: No, Joe.
SCARBOROUGH: ...there an imminent threat in Kosovo?

At this point, you expect Joe Blow Candidate to hash about humanitarian responses, or U.N. obligations, or something equally squirmy. But General Clark is on firm ground here, and he knows it. Let 'er rip, General:
CLARK: There was an imminent threat of regional destabilization caused by a fourth round of ethnic cleansing. And the Clinton administration chose not to go to war. It chose to solve a problem using diplomacy. It was only when the diplomacy utterly failed that it went to force, and then it used the minimum degree of force.

So I think Kosovo is an excellent example of what can be done. Today, Slobodan Milosevic is in The Hague. There are no American troops on the ground in Serbia. As far as I know, only one American soldier has died, a soldier who ran over a mine in Kosovo from that occupation. And it hasn’t cost tens of billions of dollars. Instead, it’s helped the Yugoslavs themselves develop democracy at home.

Even Scarborough had to confess, "Now, I’ll tell you what, the Democrats could use somebody like Wesley Clark on their ticket."

I've pledged my donation to the Clark campaign (they're only taking pledges until he announces, no cash). Have you?


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