Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Metropolitan Police Station, Second District Station, 10pm

Me: Police stations make me nervous.
K: There's nothing to be nervous about. Look! I'm not even drunk!
Me: They just make me feel guilty here.
[I request a temporary parking permit from the officer at the front desk]
Officer: Tag number?
K: XXX-F as in Frank. K as in...uh...kinetic. V as in...velocity.
Me: [looking alarmed. Kinetic?? Velocity? We've blown our cover! He'll think we're elitist snobs and throw us in the slammer!]
Officer: [Peers at us from underneath one skeptical eyebrow. Suspicious. Then an idea dawns on him and his face relaxes] Velocity, huh? You play video games, right?
Me: Phew!


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