Wednesday, August 06, 2003

So Bill Maher now has a blog. Back in my sophomore year of college, I used to think Bill Maher was really funny. Then a year or two later I decided he was a total yawn. In recent weeks I've been coming back 'round again to thinking he's kinda funny. This same thing happened with Radiohead and meatloaf (the food, not the guy).

Anyway, here's Bill Maher being crochety and irritated and calling bullshit in a way that I can relate to, and not in a mean-spirited, scary Hitchens way:

You know what? Some things AREN’T about politics or race. Like hurricanes, which have been named after women since 1953 and also after men since feminists made a big fuss about that in 1979. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas is upset that this year’s crop of hurricane names include Larry, Wanda, and Juan but doesn’t include names such as Antwone, Keisha, or Jamal. It’s good to know that things are going so ship-shape in this country right now that a member of the United States House of Representatives has nothing better to do with their time than BITCH ABOUT WHY THE NAMES OF HURRICANES AREN’T MORE DIVERSE!

Well, unlike Bill, I do think this is a serious issue. Remeber how I recently mentioned I was looking for a name for my new car? We tossed about "The General," which I was definitely digging, but in honor of diversity, I think it's going to have to be Shaneequa. This is probably appropriate, as my car will most definitely have plenty of junk in the trunk.


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