Thursday, August 21, 2003

Via The Poorman, I see that there is now a Gender Genie which takes a sample of your writing and decides if you are a male or a female, based on some algorithm that some scientist somewhere came up with.

I ran some compadres through and came up with the following results:

SueAndNotU: Female
GrammarPolice: Male
Mr. Wright: Male
Athena: Female
Christopher Hitchens: Male (I thought surely the British thing would throw it off...)
Little Sister Lauren: Female

Unlike the experience of the Poorman (perhaps his friends are more gender confused?), this little gizmo was pretty accurate. In fact the only two I tried that it failed were:

Gen. Wesley Clark: female [Aargh! Well, it was a sample of his speaking, not his writing? Wait 'til Fox News gets a hold of this one...]

and for those of you in the know:
Adam D.:female. least surprising result of all.


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