Friday, September 26, 2003

And suddenly, Andrew Sullivan kinda sorta likes Wesley Clark. But not like likes. Apparent Gen. Clark's performance at the debate impressed Sullivan immensely, which is curious to me. I was satisfied with Clark's performance--he was popping his political cherry, after all--but it wasn't the performance of a man who will win the nomination. He's still cautious, still trying to get his sea-legs, and still vague. I'm not too concerned--he still has a lot of policy to hammer out, and he'll get more comfortable with the game as time goes on. As Dean put it after the debate, Clark's job was to not make any mistakes, and he did that fine.

But after days of unrelenting tirades against the General, I just thought it would take more than that disarming smile and a flash of those dreamy eyes to turn Andrew Sullivan around. Sullivan claims that his second thoughts are a result of Clark's positions on yadda yadda blah-de-blah blah, but we all know better. You're just one of the gals, Andy.


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