Wednesday, September 03, 2003

blogging with borges

I just got a tip that THE GENERAL may be announcing his candidacy at 4pm on CNN. Is this shameless rumor-mongering, or a clarion call of the bright and shining future? We'll see. I told myself that when the General announced his candidacy, I would link back to the first time I posted about his positively peerless presidential potential, back in March sometime, and make some obnoxious nyah nyah comment about how I was into Wesley Clark before all you kids.

But the proof is in the pudding, and my pudding has gone sour.

In other words, my archives seem to have vanished, leaving me hollowed out inside. First the comments, now the archives. On my blogger editor thing, I can get to posts dating back to April, but anything earlier is lost in the mists of time, leaving me feeling rather hollow and violated. Those early months spent ruining my corneas here at Sueandnotu were all that stood between me and acknowledgment of the cruel howling solitude of my trivial little world.

Or, more accurately, kept me occupied in between margaritas.

Still, this eradication of history has me vaguely troubled with its latent Soviet overtones. Now I have no way to independently verify the past. Is it just a construction of my own prejudices and false memories? Who's to say what happened? Maybe I didn't endorse Wesley Clark! Reality is being auctioned of to the highest bidder, ladies and gentlemen, and the history of SueAndNotU is today's Blue Light Special for any budding Stalinists out there. Perhaps I could undertake a postmodern project and retroactively recreate my early posts, and, like Borges map, they will replace the original. Sad little posts about public transportation sightings will become all-night coke binges with the Hilton twins. Am I above that kind of blatant manipulation? Nyet!

I just checked CNN's schedule, and Gen. Clark is slated to speak with the anchor about the possibility of a white house run. He is always speaking with anchors about a possible White House run. Even though it's apparently vogue to announce candidacy on television programs (see Arnie), I doubt Gen. Clark would do it on CNN instead of at a speaking engagement. Though I would like to see him announce on The Daily Show. He would get some serious street cred for that in the crucial "me" demographic. Anyway, I think my "source" was just misled by too many endorphins shooting to her brain on her afternoon workout.

Well, there was an announcement of sorts. Apparently the General announced that he IS definitively a democrat! Baring his soul in such a manner, General Clark has inspired me to do the same.
SueAndNotU would like to announce that she is all woman. So let the speculation end.


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