Wednesday, September 24, 2003

No he didn't!

Yes he did. A U.S. District Court judgeruled that the FTC overstepped its bounds in enacting the National Do-Not-Call Registry that was set to begin next week. This will of course be appealed. The Registry to date contains more than 50 million numbers at this point. If this ruling isn't overturned, those will be 50 million seriously irate citizens. And as much as I would hate getting more solicitations, I know that the real losers would be those poor souls making the calls. Because you know, not all 50 million Americans are tuned into this wrenching drama. Imagine, two months from now, if the Registry is struck down:

ring ring
Joe: Hello?
Telemarketer: Hello Mr. or Mrs. Jones! I am calling from Asshat Insurance, and I
Joe: woah woah woah. You can't call me, I'm on that list!
Telemarketer: Actually, Mr. Jones, the Do-Not-Call Registry was invalidated by a U.S. District Court decision in September. Now, as I was saying--
Joe: MOTHER$@#$R! CALL THIS, YOU G!@#$MN PIECE OF !@#$-@#$

On the other hand, as the most popular government initiative EVER is undermined, and as citizens are reminded of this fact every evening at about 6pm, we can only hope that they'll continue their habit of false attribution of guilt (Saddam and al Quaeda anyone?) and blame it all on Bush.


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