Friday, September 26, 2003

The NY Press has a good "Best of" list that includes:

Best Classroom Experience:
Methods of Expository Writing and Styles of Cultural Criticism
Co-Taught by Christopher Hitchens
[yes, he is actually a professor at New York's New School]

Apparently the course is a seminar rather than a lecture. As we all know, this means that students are expected to, lord-save-us, participate in a discussion moderated by The Hitch. The Press has a convincing scenario in mind:
Imagine the poor little Sylvia Plath-quoting girl who signs up because it both fits a core requirement and looks like fun. She doesn’t know from Hitchens, she’s never heard of the Nation, neither knows nor cares about his political trajectory. One day, she lets slip that she thinks war is bad for children and other living things.

Seconds later, she’s rushing from the room in tears after Hitchens announces that her "semi-coherent ad hominem attack on my argument is an admission that you would rather not engage with my arguments and would rather suck off academia’s tit!" Et cetera, et cetera.

Plus! In a surprise victory from behind, Ann Coulter wins "Best Ignorant Banshee of a Pundit"


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