Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Please continue to excuse my delinquency with regard to SueAndNotU. I have to maintain the veneer of productivity at work for at least a good week or two.

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, items of interest:

1) It's the big day! General Clark unleashes himself upon the world; look upon his works, ye mighty, and tremble.

2) Blogging may be further interrupted if I am swallowed by Isabel on the morrow. I bought bottled water, and maybe we can finally use all that Code Orange duct tape for something useful.

2.1) Okay, Isabel is totally going to be a pussy hurricane by landfall. I've just never been in a hurricane's path before and I like to exaggerate my personal danger to antagonize my Mother.

3) I was scoffing at a dumb Republican girl acquaintance who named her car "George" in honor of the president, when I remembered that I named my car "The General" in honor of you-know-who. Felt quite lame. But, if ignominy follows the primaries, I can always say it's named after Patton. Or....MacArthur. Don't know a lot of generals, me.

4) My new job is scrumtrilescent.

5) I don't care what anybody says. Metamucil snack bars are totally yum.

That's it for tonight. I promise future posts soon, and if they reflect my life at all, they will be about Charlottesville, Rufus Wainright, Elia Kazan, and Ukrainian election code. And Bennifer, should the situation warrant.


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