Tuesday, September 09, 2003

A right-on, strongly worded editorial in the Post today aptly captures the frustrations of D.C. residents.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved funding for a school voucher program in D.C. This is a radical experiment, whether you are for or against, and one in which D.C. had no say. Here's how the editorial begins:
ALTHOUGH D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton and this editorial page are on opposite sides of the school voucher issue, we nonetheless think it is an outrage that she is unable to cast a vote on a matter of such critical importance to the District.

Outrage is right.
Last Friday Mrs. Norton offered a floor amendment to remove the funding from the bill for a pilot school voucher program in the District. It was the central issue of the morning, attracting more than 30 members to the intense discussion. Mrs. Norton's amendment failed by a 203 to 203 vote, and the voucher provision was adopted by a razor-thin, nearly party-line 205 to 203 vote. In both instances, Mrs. Norton, while the principal sponsor of the amendment to strike the voucher program and the lawmaker whose district is most directly affected by the measure under consideration, was not allowed to vote. As an example of the District's disenfranchisement, it can't get any worse than that.
To keep more than 500,000 D.C. citizens voteless in Congress while sending them to fight and die on foreign battlefields to extend that privilege to others is patently unfair and just plain wrong.

Right on, Washington Post. It's too bad that with the exception of one Republican in congress who recently drafted a proposal that would grant DC a voting delegate, nobody actually cares to do anything about it. And you can bet that if we had a say in our own government these retarded "taxi zones" would be gone in a New York minute.


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