Thursday, October 30, 2003

At least our politicians only commit character assassination...

All's well on Capitol Hill, but things aren't looking so rosy for politicians in Georgia. (The country)
With parliamentary elections slated for this Sunday, election officials are struggling with a host of bureaucratic problems, and candidates are facing the odd assassination attempt.

Yesterday, the leader of the opposition "National Movement" bloc was threatened when seven armed men in a vehicle attempt to break into the middle of a rally and gun him down. His bodyguards stopped them. The attackers escaped due to the late arrival of police.

Yesterday, another parliamentary candidate went missing, and kidnapping was feared. He turned up this morning with serious injuries, explaining that he had been accosted, beaten up, and thrown into the river.

One other opposition candidate took two bullets, but was protected by his armored vest. Yes, his armored vest. Later, his car exploded.

Ah, the sweet sounds of democracy in action.


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