Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The fall of communism over a decade ago heralded the beginning of the end for the culture of secrecy and deception practiced by secret services across Eastern Europe in Russia. In the former East Germany, Stasi files were cracked so average citizens could have a peek at their informers. An organization in Russia called "Pamyat" (Memory) labored to list and memorialize the million victims of the Gulag. The process of healing is a slow one, and even now, new disclosures are causing people to rethink both past and present. Even the shadowy corners of the KGB are no exception to the beaming light of truth, and today, we know more than ever about the operations and diabolical tactics of that fearsome organization. How did their operatives infiltrate our domestic institutions? How extensive were their domestic informant networks? How did they drink that much vodka and still manage to wake up the next morning, bright and sinister? Well, comrades, now we know. Behold, the 'KGB Pill' Promises to Cure Hangovers.


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