Thursday, October 09, 2003

They say an unexamined life is not worth living, but They are masochists. For example, I just examined a thought I had a second ago, and I'm not pleased with the results. The thought occurred as I was prying open the freezer in my office kitchen, and the thought was this:

"Shit! Somebody ate my Lean CuisineTM. Dammit! Maybe I should leave a note on my food!"

I am fairly certain that at some point in the recent past, I said to someone "If I ever become that person that gets mad because somebody ate their shitty Lean Cuisinetm, just kill me." Actually, it was probably more like, "If I ever become that person that eats Lean Cuisinetm, just kill me."

So in honor of the irreverent hellcat that I have asphyxiated in pantyhose and heels, I'm off to get Subway!*

UPDATE[*Granola bar. Have no cash. Irreverent hellcat to be revived with beer later. Possibly could not get more pathetic.]


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