Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I was going to write a post about how I'm depressed that Gore is backing Dean, and how this will make the holidays very difficult, as I was looking forward to holding up Clark to my family as an alternative we maybe could all agree on.

But I don't have the will, so instead I'm going to talk about jury duty.

Jury duty, it turns out, is as boring as they say. Contrary to my beliefs, you don't actually get to listen to the judicial process very much, you get to listen to Miss Little in the jury lounge mispronounce hundreds of names. Like "Hernandez." When you do finally get to go through the voir dire process, you do not get an exciting criminal trial featuring remorseless thugs as you had hoped. You get a stupid little personal injury trial featuring two sad little lawyers that you can totally picture with 1-800 numbers across their chests. And you fortuitously don't get picked for what promises to be the Judge Judy-est trial of the day. You do, however, get $4 which is nothing to sneeze at.


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