Tuesday, January 13, 2004

This is how much I suck

Paul Auster, author of the much-admired-by-me New York Trilogy is reading tonight at a local bookstore, and I'm skipping it to watch reality television.

Potential Excuses:
1. I go to a lot of lectures and briefings. I can skip a book reading.
2. My reality TV-watching evening is doubling as a catch-up-with-a-friend evening, which is a worthwhile use of time
3. I'm voting, so that's enough enrichment for one evening
4. It's cold
5. He's just going to read out loud something I could read to myself. Can I read America's Next Top Model if I miss it? No, I can not.

And with that warm rush of rationalization, I feel fully justified in my decision. So there, hatas.


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