Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Discretionary Spending

Here's an exercise in masochism if you have the gut for it. Take that wad of your receipts bulging out of your wallet, and enter them into an Excel spreadsheet to find out what percentage of your income is spent on what. Now, this process is not entirely accurate. I keep most of my receipts, but not all. Plus, I put a lot of things on my credit card, like groceries. This doesn't include rent or bills; this is the appropriation of my discretionary spending. I guess.

We get the following results:
Booze: 22.4% (shockingly low!)
Food (grocery): 2.6% (the credit card...)
Food (dining out): 13.43%
Clothing: 9.44% (and that was only one purchase! oops.)
ATM Withdrawal: 30.6% (aha. that's the rest of the booze money)
Beauty/personal care: 8.8% (modest enough, I think.)
Misc. (CDs, gas, stamps): 12.8%

I bet you think I'm pretty fucking lame, huh? Well shows what you know! I've got your lame right here: I made a pie chart graphing out my spending percentages. I just can't post it because I don't know how.


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