Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Good Point

From a Letter to the Editor in today's Post, remembering that CBS refused to air MoveOn.org's anti-Bush ad:
I don't get it. During the Super Bowl, I saw commercials for toilet paper stating that the product was stronger for "your end zone." I saw a commercial where a flatulent horse nearly incinerated a woman. I saw a commercial where a dog was ordered to bite a man's crotch.

I was mortified that the kids in our house were watching this.

And the irony of it is that a 30-second commercial bringing attention to President Bush's deficit was deemed "inappropriate."

Somehow, he avoided mentioning the wardrobe malfunction, but the point is a good one. I guess deficits are just so...unseemly.

In other news, the winning Pub Quiz team name from last night was: Even Justin Can Liberate ARack
(say it out loud. get it?)


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