Thursday, February 19, 2004

Holy Moly

Forget all that stuff I said about Wesley Clark. Hillary Clinton is the hottness—girl, just go on with your bad self. Never before, in my exceedingly short-term memory of political history, has a politician used Marc fucking Jacobs as a fundraising tool.

In what may be the first successful attempt to get Manhattan fashionistas interested in politics, to-die-for designer Marc Jacobs has designed a line of Hillary t-shirts a la Andy Warhol. Whatever, you don't need to know what they look like. Marc Jacobs, if I may repeat, is designing t-shirts for Hillary. And at $55 a pop, this is about the cheapest you will ever nab a Marc Jacobs anything for, this side of E-bay.

And while you're shopping, why not pick up Marc's darling new Venetia bag. Only $895 while supplies last!


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