Thursday, February 19, 2004

In order to utterly annoy Kriston, I'm going to go ahead and proclaim that The Shins are dead. Long live the Shins. You see, they will be apearing on an upcoming episode of The Gilmore Girls, which I think is about this Mom and her daughter and how they love each other sooooooo much (even though sometimes moms and daughters can be annoying!) and it's just so not indie.

But, as Pitchfork rightly notes, there is so much bleed nowadays between mainstream and indie, that it's hard to tell who's a sellout and who's just too cool to be indie. If you haven't noticed, it seems pretty clear to me that mainstream is the new indie. This is what happens when you are so fucking cool, that you don't even listen to The Rapture anymore, you're only into Britney and Xtina and Timberlake, and all you lemming indie rockers out there who scorn the mainstream aren't in it for the music because pop is the real thing and greed is good.

I guess I'm just saying: indie rock is dead and Britney is the savior.


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