Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Le Clark

I haven't posted about the primaries because I feel the rest of the sentient universe is doing that enough for all of us. But some of you may be curious as to my Wes Clark love and how it is feeling these days. The love is still there, and the race is not over, but I'm reading the writing on the wall. As stellar a leader as I think this man is and would be, let's face facts: he's not knockin' 'em down on the campaign trail. He's not running an "aw shucks, I'm a nice fella" campaign [praise the lord], but he doesn't quite have the political chops yet to run a campaign of substantive policy and shrewd political manuevers. He will, I'm sure, be able to eventually field those debate questions with ease, but it's not something that's easy to pick up as you go along, under the national spotlight. He comes off looking like he's trying too hard, and I think people sense that. I know I get nervous for him when he talks, and that's an uneasy feeling. If he doesn't make it any farther than this, I hope the eventual nominee can enlist him for something substantive. He needs to be taking an active role in the upcoming democratic administration (see my positive thinking!), and not just because that will give us lots more photo ops.


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