Monday, February 23, 2004

Making Excuses

I can feel my blog staring at me accusingly even when the screen is down. February 19??? it is saying. You're too busy since the 19th to write anything? You want I should write myself??

(My blog apparently is a Hasidic Jew.)

So I jump in just to say you know what blog? Every now and then I have to work at work, so get off my back, and fuck you anyway, I don't get paid for blogging, and I kind of hate that you exist anyway since I clearly have nothing of use to fill you with and it makes me feel marching-band nerdy.

So I'll be back when the desk gets cleared off here at Work. But first a big shout out to my soulmate Catherine for a very fun Friday, and I'm pleased to know that you were too comatose to do anything on Saturday as well, because my inability to make it out two nights in a row was making me feel very old.


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