Thursday, February 19, 2004

Texas: "A Notch Above Retardation"

A west Texas college prof is in hot water for publishing article that the residents of Alpine, TX are "appallingly ignorant, irrational, anti-intellectual, and, well . . . just plain stupid." His students are "some of the dumbest clods on the planet" and fellow faculty members, "mostly a waste of space." I assume Alpine has plans in place to deport the gentleman in question to New York City or whatever country he come frum.

I see in the Texas Monthly (inexplicably for sale at Whole Foods stores in DC) that a homeless defense attorney is filing suit against the state of Texas for displaying the ten commandments on capitol ground. [Not available online.] The lawyer sleeps in the woods and spends his days researching in the state law library. He practices his arguments for UT Law students, who give him rides to hearings.

Incidentally, isn't it funny how it's never the socially conscious, J.D.-holding homeless man that sits next to you on the bus? It's always the exzema-suffering, nose-picking, hairball hacking caveman who wants to marry you.


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