Thursday, March 18, 2004

Another stab of Austin nostalgia today; I can only assume it's the dreary mid-March chill here, the baby snowfall last night. Tbilisi is forecasting 70 degrees and sunshine for the day of my arrival. Perhaps a little travel is all I need to shake the pangs for Barton Springs.

Tonight, we're introducing Matt, Justin, and Noreen to the wonderful world of lobbyist-sponsored happy hours, where one's unquenchable love of free booze clashes with one's allergy to schmoozing shit-eating grinners in a titanic turmoil of the spirit.

Also, via Wonkette, I see a great new tool for intruding upon the private lives of my neighbors. Now you can track campaign giving by name and address in your very own town! The building in DC contributing the most to the Dems is just an egg's throw from my own humble abode. In my building, however, the only listed patron contributed $1000 to GWB. I will have to find him, now that I have his name, rent the apartment above him, and invite all the gay men I can find to come and have very loud sex all night in it. I've got a candidate in mind already.


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