Thursday, March 18, 2004

Campaign finance doppelgangers

I'm having fun with this campaign fund website thingy.
Searching by Zip Code, I see that several West Campus denizens at UT with the title of "student" have donated $2,000 to GWB. Hmm, Daddy's girls, I think?

Also, fun with candidate names:
- A Wesley A. Clark of Brooklyn, NY gave $1000 to Wesley K. Clark, the candidate. (I think Wes Jr. lives in California)
- Everyone with the last name "Gephardt" donated to Dick Gephardt. Relatives? Coincidence? Vanity?
- A certain Howard Dean of Illinois donated $2,000 to Bush. Must be hard for him.
- Every Sharpton gave to Bush
- No Kucinich gave to anyone. Hm, figures.
- John Edwards, the real one, is the only lame-o who actually donated to himself. Ha ha!


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