Friday, March 12, 2004

Things I will never say to a colleague in bathroom/elevator/hallway,etc.

Thank God it's Friday.
Is it only [Wednesday/2pm/8:30am]?
It's almost Friday.
Oh, it's Monday.
You know Mondays.

In other web-browsing adventures, a snippet from Maccers:

Cab conversation with stranger this morning

She: Holy fucking shit I was there for 15 minutes. Goddamn shitty day for cabs.
Me: Really. Too bad. Anyway you’re in one now.
She: Yeah and he made me put my bag in the back. I didn’t want to hold you up.
Me: Oh God don’t worry I am totally fine. Are you flying out today?
She: Yeah this evening.
Me: Anywhere nice?
She: Yeah Miami. Gonna put my arse out in the sun all weekend. And drink my head off.
Me: Fab. Am really jealous.

[A minute silence as she cakes on foundation and bright red lipstick]

She: Argh fuck no. I am just lying. I am going to God fucking awful DC. God I fucking hate that place.
Me: Oh I’m sorry. Miami would have been so nice.
She: Yeah. Life fucking sucks some times, you know.
Me: Really? That’s too bad. I’m sorry.

Anyway, just noticed that everybody here at work has also apparently come down with the eyeball-poking urge (see below) and has left the office. I'm out.


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