Monday, April 26, 2004

Foreign people are funny

During my sojourn overseas, I remarked to a colleague that I had an overwhelming urge to buy certain gifts for people back home, simply because they struck me as hilariously funny.

She understood the urge, but replied, "The problem with that is, you get home and realize it was only funny in Tbilisi, and your friends are wondering why you are giving them a bunch of crap."

This compulsion came up regularly, as there are many funny things in Tbilisi. Some of them cannot be purchased as souveniers, such as the shop pointed out to me by my colleague as a "great DVD store." I glanced in the door past the racks of knock-off DVDs and asked, alarmed, "Why are there semi-automatic weapons hanging up in the DVD store?" She shrugged.

"Oh, it's a gun store too. And don't think that women's clothing boutique doesn't have frozen chicken for sale in the back."

But some funniness could have been purchased, and, in retrospect, I think that BARF brand detergent would still have been funny in America. Damn.


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