Thursday, April 22, 2004

Not Dead Yet

Contrary to all suspicion, the blog is not dead, it's just hibernating. At work, I've been ripped from the bosom of Mother Georgia, and thrown into the morass of Central Asia. From working on projects in a country where things were going more or less okay, I'm back to some rather fundamental problems such as, oh, Tajikistan doesn't have banks, so our field staff has to essentially carry their operational funds in a big sack across the border from Kazakhstan. Hello, job I don't want.

So having fomented revolution in the Caucasus and set that nation solidly on its democratic trajectory, my forces for good are being turned to more troublesome areas. I'm like Superman or Mary Poppins, and I must always move on to where I am needed.

Or to be more accurate to my recent dealings, there are other countries in which I must make a drunken ass of myself.


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