Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Here we go again

Thought it was too good to be true? This long, glorious silence from the mouth of John Ashcroft? You and me both. Guess what, boys and girls? Al Quaeda is "almost ready" to attack the United States!

This summer! They're going to "hit the United States hard!" I'm not quite jaded enough to comment on the convenient timing of this warning, but the Washington Post is:
The sudden warning returns the nation's attention to terrorism, the issue that President Bush has highlighted as a central theme of his re-election campaign, after intense focus on other subjects like Iraq and prisoner abuses in Iraq. Bush has lost ground in the polls, falling in approval ratings to the lowest point of his presidency.

Yes, Washington Post, we can add 2 and 2.

And do you know why they're going to attack the United States? Aside from they hate our freedom? The Spanish, por supuesto!
The withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq due to the political repercussions of the March 11 train bombings in Spain, Ashcroft added, could lead al Qaeda to attempt to influence U.S. politics.

Sorry for the bile, but these cryptic messages just enrage me. Used to be, I'd say to myself, "Self, don't be angry at information! Wouldn't you be more upset if they had this intelligence, however vague, and withheld it? Don't shoot the messenger."

Except for I know better. They have intelligence on impending attacks all the time. They probably have "good intelligence" from "reliable sources" regularly. They just make a judgment call on when it's good to scare us.

Know why I'm so pissy? Because John Ashcroft, no matter how much I try to ignore him, is trying to ruin Beach Weekend 2004 with the Big Scare. I know the Outer Banks are not a terrorist target, I just don't want any negative vibes whatsoever, nor the smallest thoughts of "terror," "threat," and "duct tape" disrupting the delicate balance of my fruity drinks, or the gentle rhythm of the sea spray on my toes.


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