Thursday, May 06, 2004

Notes from the front

From my Georgian friend today:
He has gone! this is the most frequently heard word today in Tbilisi. Probably in other cities as well. Yes Aslan left Batumi, with his relatives. He left for Moscow. Putin yesterday espressed his pleasure to give Aslan political refuge. Of couse these russians have to put their nose everywhere.

In Batumi temporary council is established that will rule the country until new elections are set. As you know the major problem is to disarm the population and yesterday the process has already started. I could not believe my eyes the ministry of interior affairs have taken away so many weapons last night and they say 10 times more are still in the population.

It's a huge day for Adjara and for Georgia. Russians and their noses aside, the U.S. and Russia once again coordinated as excellent partners to bolster the central government in its efforts to resolve this peacefully. If there had been fighting, you can forget bringing Abkhazia and South Ossetia into the fold easily. But with this peaceful liberation of Adjara, who knows? Maybe those dominos can fall after all. Time for reflection later. For now, celebration. Of course, the Georgians are waaaaaay ahead of me:


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