Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Make a Deposit in the Karma Bank ...(by making a withdrawal from yours!)

Dear Loyal Readers,
I am aware that she and I have about a 95.5% overlap in readership and all, but I suppose that there may be a straggling few souls out there who aren't aware that Catherine is running in the Marine Corps Marathon and has to raise $2000 for cancer. Let me put that another way, she is going to martyr herself for cancer, because Lord knows I don't think anyone can survive running 26.2 miles or whatever. And this is from someone who has made it through 1 (one) class of BodyPump!, so you know I'm wicked tough.

Anyway, I desperately hope that some of you will go throw some cash at her. Not because your souls are imperiled, though they probably are. Not because you kicked a cat today and you want to make moral amends, though that's fine. Not even because you believe cancer research is a worthy cause, and the Lombardi center treated Catherine's mother when she was sick. I want you to donate to Catherine because, well, frankly it's getting rather hard to watch her constant begging and whoring herself out. Seriously, she's all "Just give me fifty cents! That'll be great!" She was once a tower of dignity, and look at her now. This is what exercise does to you. Just go help her out and end this sad spectacle.

The Meanest Friend Ever.


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