Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Ronald Giveth, and Ronald Taketh Away

Just when I was about to burn my Democratic voter registration card in honor of the man who has given me not only Friday off of work, but two extra hours off today, I get bad news.

Our office is all set to close at 3pm in honor of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Traffic Jam scheduled to begin this afternoon. My body, wracked with pain since yesterday's violation of the Geneva conventions, rejoices at the realization that this surely will cancel our 6:30 pm softball game!

But no. Our overzealous softball organizer strongarms everyone into just, I don't know, staying at the office for no reason for 3 hours until game time, then marching into a heat advisory afternoon in the midst of the worst gridlock DC has ever seen and all dropping from heat stroke whilst trying to smack a ball with a stick. I'm obligated to go, as I skipped the last game and swore on my honor that I would be around for the next game. Not that I have much honor, but our overzealous softball organizer also happens to be my direct supervisor. Now, why my presence is at all seen as a boon to our team is another mystery altogether. Regardless, I'm in the lineup for today. So, clearly, this is the second day running of extreme physical and mental duress undergone by your long-suffering correspondent.

What Would Ronald Do?

Hopefully it's take off at 3pm anyway, get drunk for three hours, and show up at the softball field blitzed, 'cause that's my plan anyway.


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