Sunday, July 04, 2004


Dear Readership:
We are working out the final details of the incantation, but expect to fully resurrect SueAndNotU from the dead in the next few days.

As you may have noticed, activity on the blog known as SueAndNotU has ceased in recent days. Sadly, SueAndNotU has died and gone to Texas, where all good little girls and boys go if they do their homework and say 3 Hail Margaritas every night before going to bed.

SueAndNotU is probably flitting on angel wings from enchilada to enchilada, but nevertheless, we intend to yank the blog back from oblivion just like they did to Buffy after she died on Season 4. or 5. Buffy was in heaven when they resurrected her, and SueAndNotU may be in paradise, but the details are a little fuzzy because Lord knows, where she is, it's hotter than Hades.

--The Management


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