Friday, August 06, 2004


I always love a good mechanical solution to a social-sexual problem. Below, an exchange in the Letters to the Editor section of the Springfield State Journal-Register:
[from Polyglut]

A simplified look at same-sex marriage

There have been many articles and letters published lately regarding homosexuals being able to “legally marry.” Here are some facts related to that subject. Without male/father and female/mother, there would be no homosexuals, right?

Stop and think about this - in order to make your microwave or toaster or coffeemaker work, the plug/male must be inserted into the electrical receptacle/female. Even your cell phone must be charged from time to time and it too must have the male end inserted into the female end. So the female/male relationship is and always will be ongoing, as I have illustrated.

Simply stated, to live with someone of the same sex is fine by me, but if you can’t get a toaster, coffeemaker, microwave, or cell phone to work without a male/female relationship, how then do you expect a marriage of two of the same sex to work?

Nancy Eller

Keep Americans, Europeans apart

I agree with the logic used by Nancy Eller in her Tuesday letter, in which she stated that gay marriage could not work because a “male” plug must always be inserted into a “female” socket. However, I believe that she did not take it far enough.

On a recent trip to England, I observed that plugs made in America cannot be put into sockets made in Europe. Therefore, I think that a federal amendment should be introduced banning marriages between Americans and Europeans.

Yogesh Raut


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