Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bluff, called

Those of you who know Kriston personally might have picked up on the fact that from time to time, he just completely makes shit up.

Entirely. Out of nowhere. But he says it with the same serious voice he uses when he's talking about the shit he actually knows, so sometimes I gullibly bite.

For example. I was recently staring into space, carefully considering the ponderous questions that confront mankind:

"Why does Yglesias exhale so loudly when he smokes?"

"That's what some people do."

"Well, I think it's weird."

"It's one way of smoking. There are four ways to smoke."

Can you believe that my bullshit alarm didn't go off at this point? Four ways to smoke? The taxonomy of exhaling? A methodology for hand position?
Instead of thinking critically about this, I just ask, "What are they?"

So Kriston has to start laughing and confesses that he just completely made it up, and that if pressed, he could probably come up with four categories of smoking.

Consider the gauntlet thrown, my friend.


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