Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kriston is a Martyr, Exhibit 2

Sometimes I think Kriston might need a new friend to talk art with. I'm probably not cutting it.

[Our e-mail conversation this morning on the topic of the upcoming Venice Biennale - some major art extravaganza]:

KC: The Biennale is in June. Not sure that I could fly then, but oh, the Biennale, and plus guess who's representing America this year? Hint: Even weirder and more beloved than Richard Gober!

ME: I don't know. Your face?

KC: Aww, you're such a sweetheart! They're going to give Matthew Barney the US pavillion. It's his first piece outside the Cremaster movies, and it's sort of destined to flop. How do you follow up 10 hours of movies?

Me: I don't know. With YOUR FACE?

So any art kids out there, please talk to Kriston. I'll just be off here in the corner, cracking myself up.


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