Thursday, September 02, 2004

The words of the chief negotiator in Russia's current hostage crisis, after the militants have once again refused to allow delivery of food, water, and medicine to the hostages (pardon the choppy translation):

"In the event of an unfavorable outcome - this is war. War here, in this dangerous region. War between brotherly peoples cannot be tolerated. I appeal to the wisdom of the Ossetian, Ingush, and Chechen peoples, that such a war will not come to be. We will lose thousands of lives. It is necessary to know this."

Barring any major developments, I believe the Russians will storm the gym in another day or two, which is likely mined. Bloodbath ensues.

I'm really sorry. I'm depressed. I'll return to happy funny SueAndNotU when the world stops completely sucking.


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