Friday, October 15, 2004

The Fallen

I fought valiantly.

I strove with all my wits, my valor, and my honor.

I thought that I had tasted the sweet nectar of unblemished victory, but just as soon as I relaxed, my foe snatched victory from my clutches. If you are weak and have pathetic attachments to this sad world, you can never beat one who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his cause. I, I have finally met my match.

The long battle of Sue v. Computer has come to an end. Ten days I foisted a DSL connection onto my long-suffering computer. Ten days it whizzed and whirred across cyberspace. But tonight, just as I was finishing a document for work, it took its own life rather than submit to any more. It sighed its final electronic sigh, and settled into a slumber from which not even a long-hoarded Windows 98 Startup Floppy Disk could rouse it. R.I.P., my hard drive.

So I have managed to hook up a computer that dates way back into my days as a virgin, so it's practically an abacus. I'll be happy if I get seven days out of it before it goes all kamikaze on me as well.


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