Friday, November 26, 2004

Comic Relief

As one of the millions of women coupled with a partner whose movie tastes generally range from zombies all the way to superheros (and he's so cultured in other genres, where did I go wrong, and why do we think we can change them?), I've been pleased to see that the comic book movie genre has become much more date-friendly of late. I can step outside of my preferred film genre (subtitled mood pieces on despair) to some degree, but not all the way to, say, Van Helsing. ugh.

So I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed Spiderman 2. The filmmakers actually took the trouble to create a character, that has some depth and likability, and from those of us who aren't just waiting for the next genesis of Doctor Octo-goblin, we thank you!

And last night, I went to see The Incredibles. While this may not fall into the comic-book movie genre for purists, I saw superheroes, and so it counts in my book. Plus, I've been assured that the whole thing from top to bottom was a take off the Fantastic Four, and if that means anything to you, then, okay. (If it doesn't, just nod. You deter a monologue that way.)

Regardless, Pixar can do no wrong. The Incredibles is some primo entertainment. Witty banter and suburbia-related hilarity kept me entertained, while supervillain hideouts underneath volcanos and insider homages to comic book wonkery seemed to keep him pretty happy. So go check it out - I hear Alexander is a bust.


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