Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pax Ukraina

For now, it looks like we may be able to avoid a confrontation. Despite the CEC certifying Yanukovych as the winner, he and Yushchenko have agreed to begin negotiations tomorrow. Oddly, to me at least, Yanukovych finally piped up and said:
"I need no fictitious victory, a result which could lead to violence and victims. No position of authority, no matter how important, is worth a single human life."

So those tea leaves I was reading? All scattered again. I have no idea. I hope this is a genuine sentiment, but it does seem a bit rich from a twice-convicted felon who may or may not be responsible for the walking nightmare that is Viktor Yushchenko's face.

So I think this Ukraine thing is in good hands, I'm getting out of my very productive day of work early, and I've got pies and stuffing and a terrifying turkey to tackle. Happy Thanksgiving, and Viva la Revolution!


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