Monday, November 15, 2004

Quick Poll

We have 4.5 hours to settle on a pub quiz team name. For those not in the know, DC pub quiz team names are always topical, preferably witty phrases that capture the latest news cycle. For example, the Monday after Christopher Reeves passed away, one team named themselves "I hope the stairway to heaven has a ramp." And after Beslan, in a horifically offensive coup, someone was "Russian Education Policy: No Child Left Alive." brrrr. Anyway, now I'm looking for some input. Which do we prefer for this week's nom de quiz? (And no stealing!)
  1. State Department diagnosed with Colin cancer.
  2. The next Secretary of State will only be a semi-Colin to me.
  3. State Department gets Colin-oscopy.

One was suggested by me, one by Kriston, and one by Yglesias. Your answer will tell me who you love the most, so choose wisely!


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