Saturday, December 04, 2004

Damn, We Fine

In order to channel my formidable spending power toward the forces of liberalism and thereby shift the plates of political power in this country, I was cruising the pages of Choose the Blue to see which companies donated to which parties.

And I've got some good news for you glum liberals out there. We may not be able to put together a winning coalition, or wield any sort of political influence, but we have got style on our side. And that is something they can never take away.

Here's what I mean. A sampling of clothing retailers that donated more than 90% to the democratic party:
Anne Klein
Donna Karan
Kate Spade
Ralph Lauren

And for the republicans?
Guess (fluke! plus, they were through in the 80s!)
Pendleton Woollen Mills
Fruit of the Loom

How about beauty products? Infer what you will from the following.
For the democrats:
Bobbi Brown
Bumble & Bumble
Estee Lauder
Michael Kors

And our friends in red? Oh my:
Super Cuts
Bikini Zone medicated cream
Hair Off depilatory
IPR3 Foot product
Mega-T and Mega-G diet aids
Scar Zone depilatory

I report, you decide.


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