Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Greatest Present President Bush Ever Gave Me

I don't know why it's so knee-slapping hi-larious to me. The novelty should be gone, the repetition should irritate me. But for some reason, I never, NEVER get tired of "the internets." I love that everyone just picked up on this minor moment and like a bunch of schoolyard taunters, won't let it go. I love how perfectly it encapsulates Bush's bizarre detachment from the planet as we know it, as well as his almost endearing earnestness when he's trying really hard to sound like he knows what he's talking about. Most of all, I love it when Bush does something that makes him seem like he's impersonating Will Farrell's impersonation of him. Whenever somebody slips it into casual conversation: "Oh, just check it on the internets." "Do you get internets access?" "I love the internets!" it truly cracks me up.

I imagine it will only take a few more weeks of this before I've had it with the internets, but until then, this is the greatest present President Bush ever gave me, until January 20, when his inauguration is giving me a day off of work. (Thus elevating him into my personal pantheon of Greatest Presidents Ever along with Ronald Reagan, whose death gave me a day off of work in honor of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Traffic Jam.)


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