Monday, December 20, 2004

Lost Dropped and Canceled

In my infinite wisdom, I somehow mentioned to the OSCE that I had mono. I guess when I woke up this morning feeling so terrible, I thought I needed to give them warning that there could be complications. Then those steroid shots left me feeling so hale and hearty that I was feeling more than up to the challenge. I could talk! I could swallow! I could eat! Things were looking up.

Until the OSCE made the obvious and unavoidable decision that they could not allow me to attend these elections in my condition, and asked me to sit them out.

If only I'd kept my big mouth shut.

So of course, I'm dimly aware that this is the right thing to do. Christmas with mono in the freezing prarie of Eastern Ukraine is not an ideal way to spend the holidays. And although I may feel better now, after jet lag and an arduous schedule and all that travel, there's always the chance that I could have become seriously ill and miserable.

But still. I had a lot of emotions tied up in making this trip, and coming on the tail end of 12-hour days at work and long nights spend cramming in grad school essays just so that I could have everything done on both fronts in order to make it to Ukraine, well. It's a bitter disappointment, and it's almost as hard to swallow as my peach tea was this morning. Next time, I guess. Now I'm just going to make myself fat on steroids and cookies and not watch any news at all.

Who the fuck gets mono? At 25? Seriously, is this the best my traitor body could come up with? I'm not even tired which is the only useful thing about mono as far as I can tell - you get to stay home from school/work. Nope, mine just pops up in time to make me stay home from Ukraine. While I'm sure there are more enlightening things to do with my time, I'm working on a Loser With Mono playlist, and it's going to be blissfuly self-indulgent. And if you don't like it, I'll just drool on you and then you won't get to go to Ukraine either.


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