Monday, December 20, 2004

...or not

Tonsils: 1
Susan: 0

Day 3 on antibiotics, and I expect to wake up chipper and sound. Instead, I wake up after scant hours of sleep to terrible pain, and discover to my dismay, that I have lost the ability to talk because the tissue under my tongue has joined my tonsils in the fat gross and disgusting competition. Swallowing's pretty much out too. A glance at my throat in the mirror reveals that my tonsils are really trying to have a makeout session, and they're not far off from their goal.

So back to the clinic of love, complete with a blood test which reveals that I have managed to get myself into a big ol' case of MONO. Fuck. How very junior high of me. Keep in mind that I'm supposed to fly to Kiev tomorrow, and at this point, I have my Mommy talking to the doctor because I can't do anything but grunt and point. Swallowing is seriously the most heinously painful maneuver I've ever tried. I got a nice big steroid injection which doc says might take my swelling down by tonight and last for several days. He said that if I feel up to it, I should go ahead and go to Ukraine tomorrow. He recommends bedrest, but given the circumstances, he said he'd probably go himself.

So that's it, then. If by tonight it seems the steroids didn't do anything, I'm stuck watching Ukraine on the news. If I'm feeling peachy, I'm dragging my mono-clogged carcass on to that plane with an extra pack of steroids in tow and I'll keep my saliva to myself, thankyouverymuch.

Wish me luck.


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