Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Laugh and the World Laughs With You

Oh, how I still love Overheard in New York. Some recent submissions:

Man #1: Aren't you freezing?
Man #2: Not really. Ever since I got hit by lightning I don't really feel the cold.
Man #1: Ah. OK, so anyway...

--Lafayette St. & Astor Place

Chick#1: What an asshole. Do I look like a transvestite?
Chick#2: No.
Chick#1: Sometimes when a woman is tall and she's dressed like a woman, she really is a woman.
Chick#2: Unless you're in Chelsea.

--1 Train

Broker #1: That dog is really cute.
Broker #2: Yeah, but we still need more coke.

--St. Mark's Place & 2nd Ave.

Hipster Chick: So she's the heiress to like--what, K-mart or some shit?--and she can't afford to buy us all drinks? Fuck her!

--D Train

Woman #1: It's really small, you know, but the sex is wonderful.
Woman #2: You mean he's rich?
Woman #1: Yeah. Exactly.

--Union Square

Stylish woman: Oh my god! This corn flan is amazing. It's corn...but it's flan...I can't even begin to describe it.

--North Square, Waverly Place


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