Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Smells Like Team Spirit

While it's disheartening that it couldn't come from us, I will never tire of the spectacle of watching OU have their asses handed to them. Bubbly with schadenfreude, I tried to access the Norman Transcript so I could cackle at their despair. But the link isn't working, so this is either not a legitimate paper at all and Google has led me astray, or the collective Norman media establishment has gone down with ship. Instead, I have to turn to Oklahoma City for the spectacle of self-flagellation through headlines such as these: "Showdown a Meltdown" "USC Program Nation's Best" "OU Pushed Around".

And just because I can't resist kicking an entire state when it's down (hey, I still have to keep my Texas citizenship active somehow), I feel it necessary to point out that when you click on the tab for Oklahoma City's newspaper, "The Oklahoman," you are not taken to the front page of the paper chock-full of local and global news and information. No, indeed. You are taken to a web form that says: "Submit A Story Idea - If you have a story idea or breaking news tip for the Oklahoman submit your information below." Translation: What is the news? We don't know! Where do we find it? Will you send us some? Help!! Okay, allow me to un-recommend Oklahoma journalism schools. And please, I pray to the good Lord for the strength to not fill out that form with: Breaking News! Oklahoma no longer justified in carrying out farce of legitimate statehood; probably ought to just give up and become exurb of Greater Dallas.


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